proposes an occasion to spend a good and exciting time together and works on the levels of the metaphoric, the poetic, the imagistic, the enigmatic and the suggestive. Like hmm.. I'm at the top of the mountain, it's peak!
HOT SPRINGS is wet and hard. In the performance, the sexually explicit and the linguistically explicit are flip sides of a political act of exposure.
HOT SPRINGS is blood flow, fluidity, action, energy, stimulation, and visual interest that takes its audience on a walk into a world of desires and imaginations.

By Laia Fabre & Thomas Kasebacher
with Alex Bauer, Lisa Ertl, Monika Kovacevic, Radostina Kostadinova, Fabian Maas, Una Matanovic, Nicolas Thorstensen, Cristina Sandino, Steffi Wieser

music Lukas König spatial design Christina Jauernik parfume design Bernhard Weber styling Karoline Dausien & Martin Martinsen photography Susanna Hofer production Anna Spanlang