LINGER (creation 2011)
/// 50%performance 20%theatre 20%music 10%folkdance ///
LINGER investigates the themes of guilt and confession.
LINGER is about four people who meet to share their passion for “Death in
Bodmin moor”, a trashy crime novel to which they all have different connections with. They are meeting as a book reading group would meet, on a regular basis and they all come, just like one would come to any group with their own agendas or problems or goals. In the course of the evening they are attempting to reconstruct the book, or their version of the book - and all four have somehow read different books even if they read the same.
In this reconstruction the choice of what is used from the book is connected to their life - to what is important to them. They use the atmosphere, the fog, samples of sounds from crime series on TV and earth in boxes that symbolizes the moor, which are tilted on stage to signify the moor landscape where the crime happens in the novel.
This eventually leads them into the situation of a fake plastic campfire - the basic setting of a group for telling stories, for sharing, for confessing. The characters on stage get into various situations that impact them and it can be compared to a screw, which turns and turns until it overturns and does not grip anymore and this is where the situations collapse again.
There is a constant starting and restarting of things - like a constant remembering and forgetting - a re- checking where we are as humans and what our possibilities are.
Conceived and DirectedThomas Kasebacher and Laia Fabre.
Performance and ChoreographyLaia Fabre, Núria Lloansi, Arend Pinoy and Thomas Kasebacher.
TextThomas Kasebacher.
Songs & Sound designCherry_Sunkist and Bernd Oppl.
DramaturgyPascale Petralia.
Light DesignJoelle Reyns.
CostumesSabine Desbonnets.
Stage designPia Greven.
ProductionNicole Schuchardt and Andreas Fleck.
Linger its a co-production of notfoundyet, Kunstencentrum DeSpil, Belgium and brut Vienna, Austria.
Is is supported by MA7-Department for Arts, the city of Vienna, BMUKK-Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, BUDA Kunstencentrum Kortrijk, and CAMPO Gent, Belgium.
photo by © Titus de Voogdt