Sometimes I apparently do those things
A solo stage Performance

A newspaper cutout is the starting point for Sometimes I apparently do those things. The article talks about the memory of important moments and how these moments can be lost.
How to classify such a story? How does one remember stories and where are the gaps. Which stories have to be invented in order to fill gaps and so manufacture a narrative threat..

In Sometimes I apparently do those things stories are told, some personal, some from other sources. Found slides offer a background projection which might help us to remember. Or do they actually offer a distraction and one can not remember anything by the end of the piece?

“Who desires to recollect should devote himself to forgetting, at the risk of forgetting absolutely, and to this beautiful coincidence that recollection becomes"
Jean-Luc Godard

Created and Directed by: Thomas Kasebacher & Laia Fabre. Performance: Thomas Kasebacher. Audiovisuals: Waltraud Brauner. Dramaturgy: Heidi Wilm. Artistic Advice: Oleg Soulimenko. Light: Gerhard Grassböck.
Music and sound: MGMT, Beastie Boys and Krzysztof Kaczmarek.

Premiered 13th of June 2009 at brut Wien/Konzerthaus.